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Well, we have made it to letter C - and I think we are finally starting to get into a routine. I think that so many kiddos thrive on having some sort of a routine, and I have certainly seen that with my own. So, you might notice we repeat some of the activities (but with different letters), but my little guys seem to like the routine - and it's awesome to see how they have grown!

 So, I started our week by showing them both the capital and lowercase letter Cc. My five year old already has this letter recognition skill down, but it's great review for him, and it's perfect for my three (almost four) year old.

We practiced writing capital C in the air, on the c-c-carpet, and then on whiteboards. Side note, if you don't have little white boards for your kiddos, I highly recommend them. These are some of my little guys favorite learning tools. You can usually find them at Target, Wal-Mart, and Costco has some larger ones that are great as well! Okay, back on track.

Then, we practiced writing lowercase c in the air, in the carpet, and on our white boards. We also discussed the hard c sound (as in cat or car), While you might me tempted to explore the soft c sound (as in city or ceiling) or the /ch/ sound (as in church or cheese), I recommend focusing on the hard c sound initially. While you can certainly encourage any findings with these sounds that the kids make on their own, I suggest focusing on the hard c sound - really getting kids to master that - and they can move on to the other sounds in the future. And, as a mom who is trying to juggle a million other things, focusing on just one sound makes things so much simpler! We then moved on to some tracing.

After we practiced tracing the letter Cc on paper, we had some fun with cotton balls! We simply glued the cotton balls onto the letter Cc page, making it look like clouds! You can grab this FREE printable HERE.

Since we were talking about clouds, we did this fun cloud activity from Debbie at One Little Project. Click on the picture to go directly to the activity.

Every week we also spend some time focusing on a Bible story. This week it was the Days of Creation. Both boys made a fun flip page that showed what God created each day.

As I've shared before, sometimes we just have to get some energy out. One of my favorite ways to do this during the week is to do a letter sound hunt, where they search for items in the house that begin with the letter of the week. It is such a delight to watch them scurry around the house saying, "/k/(that's the best way I can think of to convey the letter c sound) - /k/ - cup!!" Here's what we found:
 Costume, car, cup, coat, cat, crayons, construction hat, cowboy hat (can you tell my boys are into costumes), and (remote) control.

And since we were on a roll with all of the costume findings, we just had a Costume Day - where they literally pulled out just about every costume we own (or that they pieced together) - and we truly just let their imaginations go! We put the pencils and crayons and paper aside for a bit - and were just Creative (see, I still got a letter Cc word in there!) And while my type A personality wants to "get all the stuff done," I'm learning to let go and be a little more flexible. I know this time is precious, and they are only little for so long. And man, their imaginations are just incredible!

After we had a load of fun dressing up, we moved on to a fun craft. Ever since we got back from family camp this summer, my littlest has been slightly obsessed with his little caterpillar craft that they made. It was completely falling apart, so we made new ones:

The craft is super easy (right up my alley!). We simply glued 3 pom poms (I got a big bag at Michael's) onto a clothespin and let it dry. It works best using a hot glue gun, but we were all out of that glue, so we just used regular old white glue, and it worked fine. Once the pom poms were dry, we just glued two little googly eyes on to each one. Done!

Of course, we then had to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. And then, I started thinking - and I actually had an idea for a craft. We were going to turn these clothespin caterpillars into coffee-filter butterflies (and hey, coffee starts with Cc so it works, right?)

So, I had the boys draw with markers on the coffee filters. Dots, lines, circles, squiggles - all are great! Be sure to have your kiddo leave some white space because the colors will blend. 
 Then I sprayed each of the coffee filters a few times with a spray water bottle, and we let them dry. We put the caterpillars next to them because the boys were very concerned they were going to get mixed up - and we could not let that happen!
 Finally, I just pinched the coffee filters from top to bottom and placed it in the clothespin. I think they turned out pretty cute and very colorful! (Yep, two more letter Cc words!)

And speaking of color, we also spent some time exploring color this week. We focused on the primary colors initially.

Then, we had some fun mixing colors with shaving cream. We used the Shaving Cream Color Mixing Sensory Bag idea from Best Toys 4 Toddlers at our preschool co-op, and it was a hit!!

Now, if you have boys, you simply can't go through the letter Cc week without doing something with construction! So, we whipped out our construction hats and tools and had some play time. Then, we read a couple of our favorite construction books - Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and On the Construction Site (A Shine-a-Light book).

If you haven't read Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site (aff. link), it is an adorable story about how all of the construction vehicles go to bed. It has simple rhymes that makes the book flow smoothly. It's certainly a favorite at our house, and I highly recommend it for any kiddo who loves trucks, cars, and construction of any kind.

We also love the Shine-a-Light On the Construction Site book. This was a new one for us that a friend recommended - and it is so cool! When you hold each page up to a light (or a window if it's sunny) or shine a flashlight behind the page, a "hidden picture" appears. For example, the construction plans show up on the paper, the rocks and rubble appear in the back of the truck, and something different on each page. Even when my boys know what is coming, they are continually fascinated by the appearance of these features. If you're interested, you can click HERE - it will take you to my friend's Usborne books page - as these books can sometimes be tricky to locate.

Well, with all this construction and letter Cc learning going on, I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to incorporate another learning activity that begins with Cc. Can you guess? Counting! So, I created these FREE printable Construction Counting Cones puzzles. Just click below to grab your free copy!

So, there you have it - a glimpse into our Letter Cc week. What did you do for Letter Cc? Leave a comment below - I'd love to hear from you!

You can find the above activities (if they weren't freebies) and a TON of other material in the packets below,

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