Home School Preschool Week 4 (Letter D)

Welcome to our fourth week of the home school preschool year! We have been busy working with the letter Dd and integrating it into our other learning activities. Here's a brief overview of what we covered this week:

Letter Focus - Dd
Bible Story - Daniel in the Lion's Den
Math - Numbers 1-5, Color by Dots, Pattern Blocks
Social Studies - Johnny Appleseed Activities (his birthday was this week!)
And a whole lot more fun! Be sure to go through the whole post  - in order grab those FREEBIES!

Check out some of our activities from the week below!

We began our week by introducing our new letter! And this week I introduced it in a way that always speaks to kids - FOOD! I surprised the boys with donuts for breakfast and then we read the Laura Numeroff story If You Give a Dog a Donut. Let's just say the week got off to a great start!

After our yummy (although unhealthy) breakfast, we discussed the letter Dd and it's sound. After practicing the sound, we tried to think of as many words as possible that begin with that sound - and they came up with quite a list! Sorry  - forgot to snap a picture.

Then, we practiced writing capital and lowercase letter Dd. We always start by practicing in the air (as Mommy describes the motion), then we move on to the carpet/a blanket/someone's back, before we move on to whiteboards and then paper. I've found the more repetition they hear about the "steps" for making the letter, the more likely they are to actually form the letters correctly.

For D, we say, "Big line drops down, then back to the top and a BIG curve around." For d, we say, "Little curve around, stop (pick up), big line down." Perhaps I'll get around to making a cute rhyme someday, but this works for now. Remember, momma, you don't have to do it all - and you don't have to make everything seem like Disneyland. Simple is good.

Throughout the week we did a variety of activities to practice identifying the letter, recognizing its sound, and tracing/writing the letter. Here's a little sampling of some of what we did.
 Dot the capital and lowercase letter Dd

 Sort by Sound

Roll and Go! This is how this activity works: He rolls one die and then whatever number lands up, he does that action - tracing, dotting, coloring, stamping! It's a favorite here!

This week's Bible focus was on the story Daniel and the Lion's Den. We began by reading the story from the Jesus Storybook Bible (affiliate link below for your convenience). If you have not seen this Bible, it's awesome! While it doesn't cover every story, the author carefully ties each story (both Old and New Testament) to Christ. And it's written in a way that really makes it come alive. It's one of my boys' favorites!

We then completed this coloring/counting letters page. Since the boys were already familiar with the letter Dd from earlier in the week, they tried to find the hidden letter Dd's on the page. We counted what they found and recorded it in the box. We do our Bible time together, so this was my 5 year old's page.

We read the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den from out Beginner's Bible as well, but they really loved re-telling the story using these felt board cut-outs. I just love getting these things in their hands. They love re-creating the story - and it's always interesting to hear their version. But I think the thing I love about it most, is that it's fun - and they see that learning the Bible can be fun as well! If you're interested in getting some of these felt board figures, just click on the picture and it will take you to my affiliate link.

During the month of September, we have been focusing on numbers 1-5. As we were nearing the end of the month, my preschool guy was feeling pretty confident with these numbers and being able to count 5 objects. So, since it was letter Dd week, I created this Color by Dot Freebie of some ducks. Click on the button below to grab it!

 Color by Dot Freebie - Letter Dd Week

We also reviewed numbers 1-5 with this number matching activity.

Now, with boys, we really couldn't get through letter Dd week without discussing dinosaurs! There are just some things that boys tend to be fascinated with - wrestling, swords, dinosaurs - that I don't think I'll ever totally understand. But we went with it anyway. First, we spent some time digging for dinosaurs in the dirt. My hubby had just ripped out all of our summer veggies to plant for winter, so we had the perfect play space!

We also made some dinosaur designs using our pattern blocks! I think they turned out pretty cool looking, so I made you three free dinosaur pattern block templates to use. Click on the picture to grab them!
 FREE Dinosaur Pattern Block Templates

My boys are also fascinated with knights and dragons, so we did this adorable craft from One Little Project. So cute and so simple! Just click on the picture to go to her page for instructions.

As it was letter Dd Week, we also spent plenty of time dressing up in various costumes and busting out in way too many dance parties! But most importantly, we had a lot of fun and engaged in some great learning activities!

So there you have it - a little peek into our week. Are you doing a letter of the week with your little ones? I'd love to hear about it. Comment below with what letter you're currently on. I'd also love to hear your own ideas for the letter Dd.

See you next week for the Letter Ee!

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