Home School Preschool Week 5 (Letter E)

Well, we've made it to the month of October, and our 5th week of our home school preschool year! This week we were working with the Letter Ee, and we got creative integrating it into our other learning activities. Here's a brief overview of what we covered this week:

Letter Focus - Ee
Bible Story - Elijah and the Baal Prophets
Math - Numbers 1-10, Estimation, Measurement, Patterns
Science - Elasticity, Elephant Toothpaste
And a whole lot more fun! Be sure to go through the whole post  - in order grab those FREEBIES!

Check out some of our activities from the week below!

As I mentioned when we covered Letter Aa, I suggest focusing on the short vowel (as in egg or elephant) this week, rather than trying to get your little one to master two different sounds. However, the reality of it, is this - sometimes it is super hard to find a variety of activities that only have the short vowel sound. So, you'll see there are a few activities that did indeed have the long vowel sound, but when it comes to asking your kiddo what sound the letter Ee makes, if he can reply with "eh - eh" (as in egg or elephant) - consider it a success!!

We began our week with an exciting start. The boys came out to breakfast to find a jar filled with crayons. I explained that since we were learning about the letter Ee this week, we were going to do an Estimation activity. I explained that an estimate is when you take the information that you know, and use that to make your best guess. So, I had them each hold an individual crayon. Then, they held the jar, and then they took their time thoroughly examining the jar. Let's just say breakfast took a whole lot longer than normal! That was what they knew. Then, they could use that information to make a guess. Here's what it looked like.

Before you scroll down - make your own guess...

Do you have your guess? Drumroll please........

The total number of crayons was 56!
We did this every morning all week. It was awesome to see how their estimates actually improved over time. Before they made their estimates in the morning, we would talk about whether the objects in the jar were larger or smaller than the day before. And what did that mean? Was there a lot of empty space or were the objects tightly packed? Here's what our jars looked like this week.

Once the estimates were recorded, we would take each of the objects out - counting as we went. This was excellent for just practicing our counting. And they were so excited to see how close their estimate was, they were actually excited about counting! And when they were close - wow - bubbling over with excitement!

This was such a fun and simple activity. I just used an empty spaghetti sauce jar, and used items from home to fill it each day. A little tip - choose items that are small enough to several in the jar, but large enough so that you don't spend your morning counting to 506 - which would be way above their heads anyway. I found that ideally, it's best to have somewhere between 10-30 items. I wanted to make this as easy as possible for you so I've included our Estimation Challenge recording sheet below.

Once we had our fun with estimation, we moved on to introducing the letter of the week - Letter Ee! We discussed its short vowel sound - and since it was letter Ee week, we had to do some exercise!! I called out various words, and if it started with the short e sound, they would do exercise (usually running or jumping jacks). If it didn't start with a short e sound, they froze! This was so fun and a great way to get some energy out!! Then, we talked about the capital and lowercase letter Ee. We practiced writing in in the air, on the carpet, on our whiteboards, and then moved on to paper.

Throughout the week we did a variety of activities to practice identifying the letter, recognizing its sound, and tracing/writing the letter. Here's a little sampling of some of what we did.

There are not a ton of preschool friendly words that begin with the short e sound, so we spent a bunch of time working with elephants this week. We made this adorable - and simple - cereal box elephant from I Heart Crafty Things! Just click on the picture below to go directly to her instructions.

Then, of course, we had to make some elephant toothpaste! This was such a fun activity from Fun At Home With Kids. She recommends the 6% hydrogen peroxide for the "wow factor" reaction, but we just used the 3% solution that is sold in most grocery stores or pharmacies. Yes, the reaction is far less dramatic than what you see on her site, but my boys were still thrilled! Just click on the picture to go directly to her instructions.

And since elephants were a focus for us this week, I made a few fun elephant printables just for you! Just click below to grab these FREEBIES!

Our Bible story for the week was Elijah vs. the Baal Prophets - and this is one of those stories that I just love! I think it truly demonstrates what a powerful God we serve! We had fun reading the story from the Beginner's Bible and doing this coloring page.

Then we did a little experiment - super simple - to show just how amazing it was. Here are the three easy steps"

  1. Light a candle. 
  2. Take the same candle and pour a bit of water on it - being sure to get the wick plenty wet. 
  3. Try to light the candle. 
What happens? Nothing! In fact, in our investigation, the wet wick actually put the match out! This is exactly what everyone in Elijah's day was expecting - and he didn't just pour a bit of water on it! His was swimming in water - but what happened with his? God not only sent fire, but it completely consumed everything! Pretty awesome!

And speaking of experiments, we wrapped up our week with a fun investigation into elasticity.

The full write up and explanation can be found in my Letter Ee packet, but basically, we took 4 items (one of those being gummy worms), and we measured them in centimeters. We used centimeters just because I didn't want to get into fractions of a number and we could be a little more precise with whole numbers in centimeters. Then, we stretched each item as far as it could go, and took that measurement. Then, we measured each item after it had been stretched because elasticity has to do with the ability to be stretched and then return to its original shape.  Of course, at the end of the activity, both boys got a couple of gummy worms - and mom grabbed a couple too!

So there you a little peek into our week. What are some of your ideas for the letter Ee? I'd love to hear about it. Comment below with what you did or any questions you might have!

See you next week for the Letter Ff!

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