Home School Preschool Week 7 (Letter G)

Well, we've made it to week 7 and letter Gg of our home school preschool year. Well, actually, as I'm writing this, I'm preparing for Letter Jj Week - and week 11 of our semester (we spent an extra week just reviewing what we had learned and doing some fun fall/pumpkin activities) - but ya know, sometimes life is crazy, and I just wasn't able to get this post up! Are you with me, mommas?

But, finally, here it is! This is a quick overview of what our week looked like:

Letter Focus - Gg
Bible Story - David and Goliath - but we also spent some time talking about God's Amazing Grace!
Math - Numbers 1-10, Graphing, Sorting by Size
Other - Pumpkin Fun, Family Games

And a whole lot more fun! Check out some of our activities from the week below!

Now, when it comes to teaching the letter Gg to your preschooler, there are a couple of different approaches - teaching both the hard and soft g sounds or choosing to focus on one sound and work toward mastery of one before formally introducing the other.

As you may have guessed - if you've read many of my other posts - we chose to focus on only the hard g sound. And when I say hard g, I mean the sound heard in words like goat, girl, or gorilla. Soft g is the sound heard in words like giraffe or gymnastics. And there were so many adorable giraffe crafts, books, and ideas out there, it was tempting to throw those in as well, but I chose to only formally teach the hard g sound - the soft g will come later. But the choice is really yours, this is just my preference.

So, as is our routine, we started the week by introducing the letter and discussing the hard g sound. We practiced making the sound several times, especially since this sound has been particularly challenging for my little guy. We really had to spend some time focusing on making sure our tongue was in the back of our mouth and that the back of the tongue was doing the work - rather than the front. This is still something we're working on, but having the week focused on this sound really helped!!

After practicing the sound, we tried to think of as many words as possible that begin with that sound - and they came up with quite a list! Then, we practiced writing capital and lowercase letter Gg. We always start by practicing in the air (as Mommy describes the motion), then we move on to the carpet/a blanket/someone's back, before we move on to whiteboards and then paper.

Throughout the week we did a variety of activities to practice identifying the letter, recognizing its sound, and tracing/writing the letter. Here's a little sampling of some of what we did.

 Letter Gg Tracing

 Letter Gg Dot Markers

 Letter Gg Roll and Go

We also spent some time reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. There are countless versions of this classic story out there, but we had the Jan Brett version and thoroughly enjoyed it. The illustrations are gorgeous! Here's my affiliate link to it for your convenience :)

And since we were already talking about "great-big," "medium," and "little" items in the story, we decided to sort our own letter Gg items into big, medium, and small. For my older son, it was a great opportunity to talk about synonyms (large, gigantic, average, teeny, tiny) for these words too! You can grab the free download of this activity by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Work with sizes, integrated our letter of the week with some of our math skills. For further exploration in math, we talked about graphing. We used this simple count and graph page. Little Bro began by counting the number of pictures there were of one object. Then, we counted that many squares on the graph for that picture. He then colored the graph for that picture. As a guideline for him, I would often draw a line with the crayon, showing where he should stop. Then, we moved on to the next picture. He really loved that it was fall/pumpkin themed :)

 Count and Graph October

We've been working on numbers 1-10 all month. Much of our time has been devoted to solidifying the one-to-one correspondence, but we are also working on number recognition. So, we completed this fun gumball dot marker activity. He stamped the gumballs according to the number-color key. And I don't know about you, just just about any activity with dot markers is a hit in our house. And this is a FREEBIE too!

For our Bible time this week, we read the story David and Goliath. They loved the version in the Jesus Storybook Bible! Then, using a Goliath printable, we tried to hit our own Goliath in the forehead. I simply taped it to the very top of our wall (where the wall meets the ceiling), and the two boys took turns throwing poms-poms, trying to hit him in the forehead. They had so much fun, but it also lent itself to a great discussion about how God was truly with David in the battle.


We also spent some time talking about the amazing gift of God's grace. We discussed Ephesians 2:8-9 and what it means. The gift of God's grace is truly amazing! And one of my favorite ways to help my little guys learn God's Word is through song. This song is awesome - and the boys love it too! We just purchased it off of iTunes, and I want to go back and buy the whole album!

Of course, we also had quite a bit of fun this week! Since it was letter Gg week, we picked a different game to play as a family each night (or rainy afternoon). Here are a few of our favorites:

If you want more information on our Family Name Game, you can read my blog post about it HERE.

And since we were getting closer to the end of October, we spent some time talking about Pumpkins. One of our favorite activities is reading the Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs. It is a beautiful story about a loving farmer plants and grows a simple pumpkin and transforms it into a glorious sight, shining with light! So many Biblical truths weaved into this story! And in a season where there can be a lot of scary stuff around, this story is a gem!

 Pumpkin Life Cycle

  We also used this story to talk about the pumpkin life cycle. And although it's not a perfect, non-fiction reference book, it highlights the life cycle well along with the Biblical components listed above.

So there you have it - a little glimpse into our week. I'd love to hear what you are doing! Are you homeschooling your preschooler? Let me know in the comments below. Are you doing a letter a week or a more thematic approach? I'd love to connect with you!

See you with Letter Hh soon!

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